Staff at Poulos & Somers

At Poulos & Somers, you can expect personalized one-on-one attention, which all starts when you walk through the front door. Within our admin team, you will find a group of welcoming, caring, and basically all around amazing women. They understand that coming to a new office for the first time can be difficult, so they strive to make the experience as easy, and fun as possible. Their knowledge surrounding the ins and outs of patient care has become invaluable to our patients, and you will appreciate all the help they can offer. Poulos & Somers is like a second home to these ladies, and don’t be surprised if you leave wanting to be a part of that family!

Jenni P.
Practice Manager
Anya Z.
Patient Care Liaison
Danielle E.
Treatment Coordinator
Jacqueline S.
Treatment Coordinator
Minh N.
Administrative Assistant
Tarrah B.
Implant Coordinator

Dental Hygienists

Dental Hygiensists at Poulos & Somers

The amazing hygiene team at Poulos & Somers brings a combined history of over 45 years of periodontal experience to our practice. Their continued zest for wellness, overall health and education makes them second to none. While their commitment to providing thorough, personalized care to each patient will be appreciated, it is their mad skills and good looks that really set them apart! Offering a mix of Midwest values and city sophistication, these lovely ladies can relate with a wide variety of interests, from outdoor adventures and music, to art theater and the restaurant scene.

Lisa B.
Dental Hygienist
Quynh N.
Dental Hygienist
Megan L.
Dental Hygienist

Surgical Assistants

Surgical assistants at Poulos & Somers

Within our surgical assistant squad, you will find a unique group of individuals with a set of fantastic skills that create a well-rounded team. Working hand-in-hand with our doctors, they ensure that our patients have a smooth and comfortable experience while receiving care in our office. This team truly values our patients and every minute that they spend with them. Gracing our halls with confidence, commitment, and just enough fun, the surgical team takes pride in keeping the Poulos & Somers ship on course.

Amanda F.
Surgical Assistant
Alicia F.
Surgical Assistant
Kandell A.
Surgical Assistant
Desiree P.
Surgical Assistant
Natasha C.
Surgical Assistant

I am very happy with the result and have received many compliments from friends and family. I highly recommend this Poulos & Somers

Kat D.

Best dental team in Denver. I really like coming to see them.

Brendan D.

You can expect the highest regard for patient care at this 'best in class' dental practice. Warm, caring Doctors and an all-star team that takes all the stops to make you relaxed and well-cared for!

Leigh G.

Dr. Somers is quite a force in her field! The staff are professionals, experienced and dedicated to getting the best results for their patients I appreciate them all!

Angelica S.

I don't know how Dr. Nick Polous does it, but he's clearly remarkable.

Marc S.

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