Pinhole Gum Surgery

Need help with gum disease in Denver? Poulos & Somers is here to help with advanced periodontal treatment.

Advanced Care For Gum Disease 

Pinhole Gum Surgery

If you are suffering from gum recession due to gum disease, Poulos & Somers can restore your smile without gum grafting. We use advanced techniques like pinhole gum surgery to provide you with excellent results, faster treatments, and a shorter recovery process. Learn more below, or contact us now to get started. 

What Is

Pinhole Gum Surgery? 

Pinhole gum recession is a treatment used to treat gum recession, which is often caused by gum disease. When you are affected by a serious case of gum disease, your gums will pull away from your teeth, exposing the roots of your teeth.

This can cause sensitivity, negative effects on the appearance of your smile, and a higher risk of tooth decay and other oral health issues. Pinhole gum surgery is used to restore your gums without invasive gum grafting.

The procedure takes only about an hour and is done under local numbing, though dental sedation is available at our office. Your dentist at Poulos & Somers will clean and numb your mouth. Then, small “pinholes” are made in the gum tissue.

Through these holes, your gums will be lifted, and then strips of collagen will be placed beneath them. These strips help stabilize your teeth and gums, and allow your gum tissue to regrow and support your teeth. Eventually, this restores your oral health and the natural appearance of your smile. 

How Long

Does Pinhole Gum Rejuvenation Last? 

Pinhole gum rejuvenation can last for years and decades with proper oral care. As long as you manage your gum disease properly, do not overbrush your teeth with stiff-bristled brushes, and avoid other such risk factors for gum recession, your results will continue to look great.

Your smile may still be affected by the natural aging process, of course, which could result in some changes to your gums. But as long as your gums remain healthy, your pinhole gum rejuvenation procedure will continue to last for the years and decades to come.


Pinhole Gum Surgery Permanent?

Yes. Pinhole gum surgery is considered to be just as permanent as any other type of treatment for gum recession, such as gum grafting. It will never “wear off.” The new gum tissue in your mouth will continue to support your teeth and keep your smile healthy for years to come, as long as you take proper care of your mouth and see the team at Poulos & Somers for regular teeth cleanings and oral exams.


Pinhole Gum Surgery Effective?

Yes. Pinhole gum surgery is just as effective as other methods of gum restoration like gum grafting. And since it’s minimally-invasive and does not have a lengthy recovery period, it’s sometimes considered to be a more effective solution than gum grafting for some patients.

However, pinhole gum surgery may not be appropriate for all patients and all cases. To see if you’re a good candidate for treatment, contact Poulos & Somers today. 

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