LANAP Laser Therapy in Denver

Do you have advanced periodontal disease? The experienced team at Poulos, Somers & Marshall in Denver can help with laser therapy.


LANAP Laser Therapy in Denver

Gum disease is a serious condition that affects about 50% of American adults. If you have advanced periodontal disease, LANAP laser surgery can restore and regenerate your soft tissue and bone, and save your natural teeth. This treatment is a less invasive (and often less intimidating) alternative to traditional gum surgery. If you believe you suffer from periodontal disease, call or contact us online today to learn about your options for treatment at our Denver practice.

How It Works

The Laser Therapy Process

During LANAP laser therapy, our dentists use the PerioLase MVP-7 laser to remove diseased gum tissue, restore your teeth, and encourage the growth of new periodontal ligaments and bone. After a thorough oral exam, one of our doctors will use a small laser fiber to clear away infected gum tissue without using a scalpel or cutting your gums. Then, this laser is used to clean tooth roots, removing tartar and plaque from the entire gum line. Typically, one half of your mouth is treated during each session, so you’ll come back for a second appointment at our Denver office to complete the procedure.

The Benefits Of LANAP Laser Therapy

Because of the unique lasers used in the process of LANAP therapy and the non-invasive nature of the procedure, it has a number of unique benefits compared to traditional surgery:

  • Less pain, faster recovery time – There are no incisions or stitches required when using LANAP, which helps speed up recovery time and minimize discomfort. Most LANAP patients resume their normal activities immediately. In contrast, recovering from traditional periodontal surgical procedures can take between 2-4 weeks.
  • Stronger, healthier tissue – The PerioLase laser tool uses a special light that stimulates your gum tissue and promotes a better healing response, resulting in healthier and stronger gums.
  • Lower risk of postoperative infections – Laser tools are less invasive and sterilize the areas they contact. Because of this, and because there are no open oral wounds after treatment, there is a much lower risk of postoperative infection.

Candidate for Treatment

Is Laser Therapy Right For Me?  

If you have moderate or severe gum disease in The Golden Triangle, Capitol Hill, or elsewhere in Downtown Denver, LANAP treatment may be right for you. At the office of Poulos, Somers & Marshall, we offer top-notch treatment with the latest dental technologies in a comfortable, patient-focused environment. The sooner you get treatment for gum disease, the better your results will be. If you are interested in learning more about LANAP treatment, contact us now at (303) 832-4867, or come to our office at 700 Broadway, Suite 1135, Denver, CO 80203.

Best experience with any type of medical practitioner probably ever. Dr Somers is quick, efficient, and kind and did a great job with my gum graft.

Mason N.

The staff are all very nice, super professional, clear and patient. The lead surgeon who did my gum graft did an excellent job, explained everything well and made me feel exceptionally well cared for. I highly recommend this team.

Brendan D.

I feel very lucky to have found Dr. Marshall. Not only is she exceptional at what she does, she is also very kind and compassionate.

DeAnn L.

They were amazing. I’ve had gum grafting done before and this experience was by far the best one I’ve had. Great care and a much quicker recovery than previous surgeries.

Kevin S.

Let's face it, dental work is no fun for anyone. If you need specialist work, this team is who you want on your side! Dr. Marshall and the entire team are truly fantastic!


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