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Our treatment philosophy is simple: We are dedicated to improving the lives and health of those we serve. We have a team of amazing individuals who take pride in a job well done, which creates a positive, supportive environment for all our patients. This continued commitment to excellence and integrity is reflected in our reputation with our patients, the public, and referring doctors like you.

Our goal here is to improve patient education and more easily facilitate patient referrals between our office and yours. Feel free to explore our website, hear our story, and learn more about the dental services and technology available to you and your patients at Poulos & Somers.

Use the form below to request a consultation for your patient. Then instruct them to call us at (303) 832-4867 and visit our website to learn more about their options. We will follow-up with all requests within 1-2 weeks.

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Sending Radiographs & Charting

We appreciate your confidence in us, and look forward to helping you treat your patients with the level of care they deserve! Before your patient's consultation, please send any radiographs and charting to or give them to the patient as a hard copy to bring to their consultation.

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