Restore Your Smile In A Single Appointment

If you have missing or damaged teeth and are in need of a full mouth restoration, the doctors of Poulos & Somers are here to help. Our office, serving Capitol Hill and Downtown Denver, offers Teeth In A Day — a revolutionary and complete smile restoration!

The Technology Behind Teeth In A Day – Get The Details

It would not be possible to place dental implants and restorations in one day without the right technology and tools. At the office of Poulos & Somers, we use advanced 3D imaging tools like Planmecca 3D scanners and Simplant Virtual Implant Planning to take images and scans of your entire mouth.

This allows us to plan the placement of your implants with tremendous accuracy. Our doctors can use these tools to plan your procedure and place dental implants where your jaw and gum tissue is the healthiest for optimal results.

How The Implant Process Works  

If you have a healthy mouth and you are a good candidate for teeth in a day, we offer full mouth restorations using implant-supported dentures. The process starts when our doctors scan your mouth and develop a custom treatment plan in order to ensure that your implants are placed in strong, healthy tissue. After placement, a denture is attached to your implants.

With Teeth In A Day, your new smile will be ready in a single appointment. Due to the precision of the treatment, there is minimal swelling or post-operative discomfort. After about six months, when your dental implants have fully healed, you will need to come back for a permanent, titanium-supported dental prosthesis.

The Benefits Of Teeth In A Day

First and foremost, you can regain confidence in your smile. You do not have to be embarrassed about missing teeth, or having to wear dentures that can be uncomfortable.

Most Teeth In A Day procedures can also be performed without requiring sinus lifts or bone grafts, which can make them more affordable than other, similar procedures. The procedure also preserves your jaw structure, preventing gum recession and bone loss.

Find Out if You’re a Candidate for Teeth In A Day

At Poulos & Somers, you can restore your smile without long waiting periods. We offer Teeth In A Day to all of our patients in The Golden Triangle and surrounding areas. At our office, you can expect professional service, an informative attitude towards restorative dentistry, and the most advanced dental technology in Denver. Contact us at (303) 832-4867 to schedule a consultation at our office — 700 Broadway, Suite 1135, Denver, CO 80203. We are always happy to meet new patients like you.